Learn to love your hormones

Hormones affect everything from physical symptoms to mental health. Our biomarker testing and food-as-medicine approach balances hormones, relieves symptoms, and boosts health.

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Why Femmistry?

Precision At-Home Testing

We help you get to know yourself from the inside out, starting when you use our at-home tests to measure your hormone, nutrient, and vitamin levels.

Food as Medicine

From there, info about your unique biomarkers and response to food is sent securely to our app, so we can create the perfect plan optimized to you.

Healthy Habits based around your lifestyle

Get to know your unique hormonal personality type, dive into healthy habits, and learn what makes you feel like the best version of yourself!

Our Secret Recipe
Precision home
 testing 🧪
 + food 

medicine 🍽️ 🩺

healthy habits based around your personality 👩
hormonal balance ⚖️
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What can Femmistry help with?

Nutrient deficiencies can cause hormonal imbalances to be exaggerated in the body. Through data collected from our precision at-home test, Femmistry shows you where you can improve your nutrition to address the root cause of symptom discomfort.

Food is medicine, and it’s time we give it the credit it deserves!

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A Scientific Journey to Better Health


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Test at home

Measure your hormone, vitamin, and nutrient levels, and unlock hormonal insights with our easy-to-use, at-home tests.


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While you wait for your test results, get started on relieving your symptoms immediately with our personalized education and healthy habits plan. All based around your symptoms and your lifestyle.


Personalized Nutrition. Lasting improvements

After 14 days, you'll receive your results and review them with a nutritionist to design your perfect plan for hormonal optimization and symptom control.

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Raise your hand if you're a hormonal woman!

That’s right, it’s something to be proud of.

Maybe you’ve always thought of hormones as scary, unpredictable things, but they’re actually pretty amazing, once you get to know them. Your hormones are constantly sending messages throughout your body, and the more you understand what they're saying, the easier it'll be for you to feel your absolute best.

Think of them like a newly found hidden talent that you can access at a moment’s notice. And let's be real - who wouldn't want that kind of edge in life? Once you know the power of hormones, you won’t want to keep it a secret much longer.

We are the first generation of women who have access to the wonderful combination of information about our bodies and technology that empowers us to apply it to our lives. And, we’re just getting started.  Sign up below to join the new movement of women learning to love our hormones.

Here’s to being hormonal and proud.

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